The Office of Legal Affairs serves as legal counsel for The College of Charleston by:

  • providing legal advice to ensure compliance with Federal and state laws and regulations to the College’s senior administration, Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and other personnel acting on behalf of the College;
  • taking pro-active efforts to reduce exposure to legal risks by working with all sectors of the College to meet compliance obligations and reduce risks to prevent or reduce liabilities and legal disputes ;
  • ensuring legal representation of the University in judicial, governmental and administrative proceedings, and advocating and defending its interests in those proceedings; and
  • serving as a resource for the College in order to assist with informed decision-making and alternative dispute resolution so that the College can provide dedicated teaching, research, and service;

The Office of Legal Affairs seeks to provide high quality services and maintains the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity.

Our client is the College of Charleston and its Board of Trustess. We provide legal and risk management advice on a wide variety of areas including Federal and state regulations, contracts, employment law, policies and procedures and intellectual property. We do not represent or advise faculty, staff, students or other individuals about personal legal matters. For personal legal advice, please consult a private attorney. The South Carolina Bar offers a Lawyer Referral Service 800.868.2284.

You may reach us at 843.953.5502 or via email at legalaffairs@cofc.edu.